Automatic Encrusting Machine Reconditioned Encrusting Machine Chinese Meat Buns / Buns / Silk Buns / Bread Processing Machine

Dumpling / Small Juicy Meat Bun / Shaomai Forming Machine Auto Spring Roll Pastry Sheet Making Machine Cookies / Sweet Cake Making Machine

Hundred Machinery Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Hundred Machinery Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a well established company specialized in food processing industry since 1992.
At present, we specialized in manufacturing fully automatic encrusting machines to market around the world , such as Samosa / Dumpling /Empanada/ Pelmeni / Raviol / Egg roll /Small Juicy Meat Bun Making Machine, Chinese Bun/ Meat; Vegetable Bun / Bread/ Silk Bun / Paratha Making Machine, Cookies / Biscuit/ Sweet Cake Equipment, Spring Roll / Pastry Sheet Making Machine, Aligning Machine, Stamping Machine and more.

Specially, we also supply reconditioned Rheon Encrusting Machine,and provide one year guarantee after sales service as well as complete spare parts, Both of our head office in Taiwan and branch office in Shanghai have a showroom. Sin...[more]